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Friday, August 18, 2017

Heckler's Veto In Charlottesville, Part 5

Leftist agitators - heroes to Democrats, Establishment Republicans, and moderates.

The title of this article really ought to be called: A Look At The Personalities Behind The Left In Charlottesville. Because the Left definitely has a face and a certain kind of spirit. The Left is not simply one big homogeneous zombie mob...are they?

As it was with the last post, let's first look at the people, and then let's take a close look at the stars.

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, the "Alt-Left"

Friends, Americans, countrymen, it is not hard to state what these people are. These people are "young, dumb, and full of cum." (These people are destroying society with sodomy acceptance.) They are very, VERY emotional. They can do nothing but think emotionally all of the time. They are creatures of emotion.

In contrast, we on the Right are rational. We think. We consider. We reflect. The Right is capable of dialectic. We are capable of intelligently and objectively talking about topics. The Left is not. The Left is not capable of examining the facts on the ground in a neutral manner.

The Left emotes. The Left reacts. The Left is one big, gigantic knee-jerk reaction. Their decisions are based on what gives them pleasure and what helps them to avoid pain. Their behavior could be likened to the base reaction of microbes in a petri dish that move away from threatening fluids and towards attractive media. They are predictable, uncomplex--and in fact, they are averse to complexity. They are base. The Right works hard to either slow or reverse the Second Law of Thermodynamics, but the Left does all it can to speed it up with their catalysts.

So, the Left in Charlottesville was comprised of young liberals with weapons.  They had bats, bricks, and things.  This is an aggressive crowd that is in stark contrast to the Right who who showed up to the rally wearing defensive gear like helmets, shields, and safety goggles.

The Leftist mob was comprised of Black Lives Matter protesters, who famously chant "death to the cops," and "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon." Yusra Khogali, co-founder of BLM in Toronto has preached that white people are sub-human with genetic defects. (Is this not a form of racial supremacy--to announce that one race is a genetic defect?!? What hypocrisy!)  Various murders of police officers have been attributed to BLM, and yet, leftist-led corporations refuse to disavow BLM.

The heckler mob was also comprised of Antifa terrorists. These people are responsible for widespread destruction on Donald Trump's Inauguration Day. The riots that Antifa spawn are well-known, from the Trump rallies to the Battle of Berkeley. Elements of their conglomeration appear to be financed by George Soros. In July, an Antifa offshoot called Redneck Revolt, actually put out a training manual on guerrilla warfare, featuring sections on executions and terrorism. (This particular branch of Antifa--Redneck Revolt--boasts of 30 chapters across 20 states, and it prides itself on militant resistance.) Just this week, in an on-going investigation, the Department of Justice has demanded the 1.3 million IP addresses of visitors to the Antifa website that was used to coordinate riots during the January 20th Inauguration.

Other people who comprised the heckler's vote at Charlottesville were the many random individuals who probably arrived on a whim.

There is a rumor going around that some people were getting paid to show up.  An organization called Crowds on Demand was advertising on Craigslist on Monday, August 7th, to hire people for $25 an hour to participate in protest activity:
Are you looking to create a buzz anywhere in the United States? At Crowds on Demand, we provide our clients with protests, rallies, flash-mobs, paparazzi events and other inventive PR stunts. These services are available across the country in every major U.S city, every major U.S metro area and even most smaller cities as well. We provide everything including the people, the materials and even the ideas. You can come to us with a specific plan of action and we can make it happen. OR, you can approach us with a general idea and we can help you plan the strategy then execute it.
We’ve made campaigns involving hundreds of people come to action in just days. We have a proven record of delivering major wins on even the toughest campaigns and delivering phenomenal experiences with even the most logistically challenging events.
Of course, Charlotte, NC is 270 miles south of Charlottesville, VA.  Perhaps it was just nothing.  Although, with knowledge of the fact that these organizations are funded by the likes of George Soros, is it out of the question to consider the idea that some of these people were bussed in?  

Leftist Psy-Ops?  Brennan Gilmore  

Two stars on the ground level of the operation appear (on the face of things) to be a part of some sort of a counterintelligence operation.  

First, let's start off with Brennan Gilmore.  Who is Brennan Gilmore?  Brennan Gilmore is a CIA spook who has previously worked with the State Department to suppress native uprisings in Central Africa.  (Does KONY 2012 ring a bell?)  

Who else is Brennan Gilmore?  Why!  He's a man who happened to be in just the right place at the right time to film the Charlottesville hit and run accident by James Fields.  What a coincidence!  As a matter of fact, he was one of the first people on the scene who had something to say about the tragic neo-Nazi attack:

"Let there be no confusion: this was deliberate terrorism."
-Brennan Gilmore, State Department employee
“The violence and hatred in our society is out of control. We like to think that it’s better than places like Africa and Asia, but it’s not,” said Mr. Gilmore, who worked in Africa as a U.S. State Department foreign service officer before leaving to manage the campaign of Tom Perriello for Virginia governor earlier this year. “I’m worried.”

How convenient that we had a man on the ground with such international experience standing right there in that alleyway with a camera!  Gollee-gee, what timing!  

I'm worried, too, Mr. Gilmore.  I'm concerned about your dubious presence, and also for your coincidental work in the campaign of Tom Perriello.

And who is this Tom Perriello that's running for governor?  Why, he's a man who has received several six-figure checks from outside of Virginia, including $385,000 from George Soros.  He also received a substantial amount of money from George Soros' sons, Alexander and Jonathan.  And Brennan Gilmore--a man who was "on the scene," and who had State Department experience, just happened to also be working for this Perriello.

Makes one wonder if Soros might have had a hand in this Charlottesville affair.

What curious connections.  What strange coincidences.  I urge you all to check out this link HERE to learn more about this mysterious collaboration.  

Leftist Psy-Ops?  Mystery Man in Fields' Car

So, let's take a look at a different man.

Mystery man in James Fields' car

Check out this mystery man.  Look at his profound and dark eyebrows.  Look at his full and thick head of hair.  Look at his sideburns.  Observe his strong jawline.  Look at his wide and determined eyes, and note that he's not wearing any glasses for driving.  Look at the resolved and determined look on his face.

Whoever this man is, he is the one who was photographed driving the Dodge that ran over those people in that alleyway on August 12th. This is an action photo.  It was taken during the crime itself.  Whoever this man is, he is the one who ran over Heather Heyer.

James Fields, accused murderer
Now, let's take a look at another man on the ground.  This man, here on the right side of the screen, is James Fields.  This is the man who is being accused of murder.  This is the man who is in the national spotlight.

Notice his pudgy bitch face.  Look at how he has no sideburns.  Look at those unavoidable glasses.  Surely he wears them all of the time, including for driving.  Look at the resignation in his eyes.  They are not fierce or masculine eyes.  And those eyebrows slant down the way a beaten man's eyebrows stay down with no resolve left in his soul.  And look at how pasty he appears; his complexion looks nothing like the more tanned and brownish man

Rumors on the ground are that there were two cars--two Dodge cars--that were seen after the alleyway killing.  Also, eyewitnesses on the ground are stating that originally, it was a sort of middle eastern or some kind of an ethnic man who stepped out of the car after the crime, and that he was wearing tight pants.  

This implies that the car slaughter was a staged event, and it implies that the actors of the crime were switched out.

I suppose that these facts--Brennan Gilmore's "coincidental" presence, the mystery man in the Dodge, and the latter's physical differences with James Fields--all lead someone like Alex Jones to conclude that Charlottesville was a false flag.

Political Leftist Actors

Let's get to know a bit about the politicians involved in Charlottesville.


Off the bat, I'd like to name two leftists who happen to be Republicans.  John McCain and Mitt Romney.  These two un-conservative snakes have stated that the Right in Charlottesville is completely wrong, and they refuse to call out the leftist violence.  They argue that one side (the Right) is racist, and that the other sie (the leftists) oppose racism and bigotry, and that they stand up and defy hate.  These two have a lot to gain by putting the Left up on a pedastal and demonizing Donald Trump--their political enemy.  Both "moderate Republicans" are a part of the Establishment, and they think quite little of common American people.

Terry McAuliffe

This two-faced governor--who clearly has sabotaged the Unite the Right rally with his state police--just two years ago said the following about Confederate statues in Virginia:
"These are all parts of our heritage. And the people that were in that battle, the Civil War, many of them were in it obviously for their own reasons that they had for that. But leave the statues and those things alone."
Today, the governor of Virginia has something different to say about Confederate statues: 
"The recent events in Charlottesville demonstrate that monuments celebrating the leadership of the Confederacy have become flashpoints for hatred, division, and violence.  Monuments should serve as unifiers, to inspire us collectively and venerate our greatest citizens."
What a 180.  And now?  Clinton-friend and virulent leftist Terry McAuliffe has decided that it's time to take "the statues and those things" down.  

Charlottesville Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy

It's fun to hear the Left and the moderate knee-jerkers ramble on and on about how the Right in Charlottesville is a gaggle of race supremacists who are filled with hate.  Apparently they've never read the following tweets from Bellamy:
- Lol funniest thing about being down south is seeing little white men and the look on their faces when they have to loop up to you
- So sad seeing these beanpole body white women in these sundresses smh...
- In honor of@MsWineFine niggaz gotta do it.  #liesfemalestell 'I can count on 1 hand all the niggaz I had sex wit'>yeah x3 lyin cunt
- This nigga just said he don't have 2work as long as its white women walkin the Earth.  Lmaaaaaaaaooooo.  That's some VA shit.  
- Lol people in here calling Thomas Jefferson a White Supremacist...making a lot of valid points proving the accusation.  Interesting...
- I really #hate how almost 80% of hte black people here talk white...#petpeeve.  #itstheniggainme. #dontjudgeme
- Word...RT @ TAXSTONE: Eat it while she sleep if she moan it aint rape
- I hate seeing White people in Orangeburg #tho
That's a hell of a vice-mayor.  I'm sure Charlottesville is proud of him.  Read more about him HERE.


There is no end to the number of reasons the Left and their moderate slaves would have to demonize, set up, and capitalize on a contrived tragedy.  There is no reason to doubt that Soros might fund some kind of operation like setting up a death that could be pinned on the American Right.  Blaming the Right for racism helps to mask the Left's own racism.  And, most of all, it makes the Left feel good and righteous to demonize their enemies in such a way.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Heckler's Veto In Charlottesville, Part 4

The title of this article really should read: The Actors at Charlottesville.  After all, there were many roles being played that day on August 12th.  But this post is part of a series, I suppose, and I'm trying to be consistent with my titles.

There were many people running that rally and invited to that rally who were questionable.  These were supposed to be people on the Right.  But were they serving any good purpose at all?  Let's first take a look at the foot soldiers.  Then, let's take a look at the captains.

The Fake-Right

Childless cat lady flips off pudgy cosplay
actor who lives in a fairy tale.
To start with, why in the hell are grown men dressing in Nazi regalia?  This rally was a protest against the removal of Confederate historical statues.

Perhaps Confederate flags alone would have been appropriate.  But if men dressed in Confederate military uniforms showed up, that would also have been stupid.

Vox Day regards these fools as children, and he is right.  They are nothing more than grown men dressing up in costumes and pretending to be serious.  But, in reality, no one takes them seriously.

Sure, on paper these LARPers have First Amendment rights that should enable them to publicly say what they want.  Yet any sane person would realize this is not something one ought to do.  The neo-Nazis have been playing the same game for decades.  But no matter how legally justified they are, and no matter how long they keep doing this, the neo-Nazis will never be accepted.  They only do harm to the Right.

Oblivious and lacking situational awareness.
As Day likes to cynically joke, this stubborn and persistent attempt by these retards to make neo-Nazism acceptable is the equivalent of trying to popularize silk stockings, powdered wigs, and tri-cornered colonial hats.  It is futile, contemptuous, and overall harmful to any kind of serious political outcome.

Ultimately, this cosplay demonstrates that these people simply are not serious about making any gains in any cause.  They want to goof off and trigger the Left.  But, as Roosh puts it, the seal of death has been broken.  And when observing the radicals of the Left, we can see that the latter is not playing at all.  The good-ol cosplay Neo-Nazis are outmatched.

Fake Right Leaders

The Unite the Right rally was organized by a person named Jason Kessler.  Who is Kessler?  Though today Kessler is a leader for "uniting the right," only a year ago he was a supporter of President Obama and the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Once Donald Trump won the presidency, however, Kessler had a magical transformation and suddenly became right-wing.  

This newcomer was being followed and taken seriously in organizing an obviously dangerous event full of potential traps.  Unprepared, Kessler led the Alt-Right into a trap.  Now, thanks to him, on a national level, the latter shall be associated with white supremacy for the foreseeable future.

Brian Kessler, demonstrating leadership.
Can Kessler honestly be considered to be a right wing person at all?  Is it unreasonable to speculate that at best he's a fool who was out to stoke his own ego?  Is it out of bounds to speculate that Kessler might even be some sort of a movement infiltrator?

But another figure--more well-known--is Richard Spencer.  This man was ridiculed this week on Davis Aurini's podcast.  This leftist socialist, who is certainly more left wing than I am, has coasted from one public relations disaster after another.  His website is called altright.com.  Yet, it seems that it is more likely that Spencer has actually hijacked the Alt-Right movement and bastardized it, stigmatizing it with his follies.

Of Spencer, Roosh has said the following:
The reaction of the biggest alt right leader, Richard Spencer, tells me that he was neither prepared nor qualified to deal with the events in Charlottesville.  His post-mortem podcast was painful to listen to--he joked around and complained endlessly about it being a "set-up."  [I agree with Spencer that it was.]  If I didn't study properly for an exam, I'd think the teacher set me up, too, upon realizing I don't have any of the answers.  
Would you show up to a rally next month if led by a man who is jovial a day after one of his associates was blinded by a chemical?  His actions after the Charlottesville debacle make me question his leadership, and while he may be sincere and gutsy, that's not enough to prevent injuries and deaths getting racked up on your scorecard.  To his credit, he did tighten up in his press conference, but he needs to do some serious soul-searching on whether he's the man who can continue as a leader for his followers.
Richard Spencer, running for his
life again after failing to grasp
his situation.
Spencer is flippant and reckless.  He's an idiot, and I halfway believe he is a plant.  It is a known fact that government intelligence agencies have infiltrated white identity organizations in the past.  With Spencer, it's possible that we have a man who has infiltrated the Alt-Right movement as a white identitarian with hopes of destroying it from within.  After all, America was subverted by the infiltration of Obama into the presidency, and the Catholic Church has been subverted by Pope Francis, whose very papacy appears dubious to many.

Just look at Spencer's website.  This week is the first week after the Charlottesville debacle.  While violent leftists are vandalizing and ripping down historical statues, they are raising the banners of their radical organizations on government property with the approval of government officials.  John McCain and Mitt Romney have come out openly cheering the out-of-control leftists who were violently attacking the peaceful rally attendees.  And what is on Richard Spencer's website?  Just look at the titles:  "Katie McHugh, I accept your Latest Shit Test and Claim Your Journalistic Ass," and "Physical Strength Differences Between the Sexes."  For crying out loud, Spencer...the guy known as Baked Alaska may be permanently blinded, and your whole operation was set up for complete failure.  How in the hell can you allow the writers of your website to be this cheerful and snarky in light of recent events?


These guys didn't know what in the hell they were doing.  They were all taken in complete surprise.  Before the Unite the Right rally, some folks over at Red Ice were speculating that this event in Charlottesville would turn out to be a successful version of Gettysburg.  I find that amusing, because the Right's defeat in Charlottesville is the opposite.  Charlottesville's outcome adheres to the reality of the Confederate loss at Gettysburg.

I agree with Roosh's summation:
An important question is what to do next. Rallies and other public events should be crossed off the list unless you’re prepared to run them like a counter-terrorist operation, which is how I was able to pull off my Canadian lectures. It makes absolutely no sense to announce the time and place of your meeting for the main benefit of appearing in fake news, all to be ambushed by antifa who have nothing to lose through their felonious violence.
Before you associate with any dissident leader, ask yourself if he will get you maimed or impoverished through his incompetence, unpreparedness, or stupidity. Are you following a leader with an ego or an ego who doesn’t know how to lead? Since we’re still about 2-4 years away from violence that will make Charlottesville look like nothing, you still have time to decide the best way to proceed for you and your country.
People on the Right have been duped by Richard Spenser and the "newly-converted" Brian Kessler.  Stop trusting them.  They've hijacked you.  

As I've stated before, white nationalism will kill the Alt-Right.  White nationalism is being translated in major media as white supremacy--which is a completely different matter altogether, as I've discussed earlier this week.  However, this current generation of the Right is hell-bent on pursuing this pet project of theirs, so we'll get to face those consequences soon enough thanks to them.  This is the battle they've picked, and this is the hill they've decided to die on.  

I'd rather suffer in a fight to restore Catholic monarchy, but these guys seem to be more interested in restoring Aryan national socialism for whatever reason.  The damage is done.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Heckler's Veto in Charlottesville, Part 3

I will repeat: what happened in Charlottesville was a complex situation between two complex groups.

A look at the tactical maneuvers on the ground on that day will demonstrate to anyone that the rally was a baited setup.  The governor of Virginia and his compliant state officers have demonstrated their betrayal of citizens and a disregard for law and order.  In fact, this fiasco was a devious plot of lawlessness and disorder.

Richard Spencer getting shoved into the riotous mobs of the Left by state police.

As I have said, the "Unite the Right" rally was allowed to legally have their rally in Emancipation Park.  They were fought in court, but Unite the Right had won their case shortly before the rally was scheduled.  The rally was green lit by a federal judge in court.  Time was invested.  Legal fees were paid.  Months of effort had gone into the rally.

In Richard Spencer's follow-up podcast on the Charlottesville rally riot, he discusses how a great amount of time--over six months--had been spent coordinating with the police of how the rally should go.  Everything, it was assumed, would go smoothly.  There was supposed to be police escorts to the park.  There was supposed to be barricades up to two blocks around the park.  

None of these plans came to fruition.

The title of Richard Spenser's podcast is called: "Charlottesville Was A Total Setup."  And it most certainly was.  They were planning for a peaceful rally.  It appears that no one on the Right brought bats, pipes, bottles filled with piss or concrete, flamethrower gadgets, or bricks.  The Left brought those.

Many on the Right, however, were carrying shields, were adorned in helmets, goggles (to protect against the Left's poisons), and facemasks.  Some may have brought sticks to fight with--but by all appearances, the Right had arrived prepared for a defensive battle that would defend a position.

The Right was following all of the rules.  But the police who were present were snickering behind their backs, according to Spencer.

Recall how in Lord of the Flies, even though "Piggy" and
some other boys tried to organize like they were supposed to,
the bad kids ended up killing "Piggy" and going after the
good kids still alive and remaining on the island.  

The rally was not just a total setup. It was a scheme.  It was a bait that drew out the worst elements of people, enabling the Left to demonize the Right with impunity, now that people have died.  

Regardless of the peaceful intent of the alt right protest, I believe this was a catastrophe that has given the establishment key momentum to marginalize and harm dissidents whose ideology is not based solely on white nationalism.
So what happened specifically?  


Observe the image below.  You will see that the Unite the Right speakers had their place in the center of the park.  And you will see that there were police behind them to the north, and on each side of them to the east and west.  However, you will NOT see the police guarding the perimeter of the park to the south.  And bear in mind that there were no police escorts or barricades up to two blocks around the park.  

So what was to the south of the park?  Oodles and oodles of violent Leftists.  

So that morning, the rally seemed to be going as rallies go.  There was lots of shouting and mace, to be sure.  But nothing was out of hand just yet.  Antifa and Black Lives Matter Leftists were in the streets breaking things and causing commotion as smelly liberals do.  

Suddenly, before the event could even begin at around 10am, a state of emergency was called.  This state of emergency was for no reason.  Yet after this point, there really was an emergency.  Only, this emergency was caused by the agents of the Virginian governor state police.  

Now, look again at that map above.  By the time the state of emergency was called, the police actually began to push the rightwingers into the street in the south.  The police, with their riot gear and their shields, pushed against all of the right wingers--as if on cue--kicking the Right in the shins if they dared to push up against the shields.  

Richard Spencer was included in the group that was being pushed into the street.  He is a known icon.  And, for sure, had he been successfully pushed in to the fray of liberals, he would be killed, and his death would have been on the hands of the state police of Virginia, to say nothing of the governor, mayor, and the other racist anti-white political lackeys.  

There was a riot going on in the streets.  All of the aggression was coming from the Left.  And the police were pushing the rightwingers straight into the fray of it.  Reports tell of how guilt was on the faces of most of the police that day.    

A Sacrifice To The God Of The Left

Heather Heyer left her house that day to be sacrificed on the altar of the Left.  Unbeknownst to her, she would be the lucky/unlucky sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered for the Left's cause during the early afternoon of August 12th.  A blood offering had to be made in order to jump-start the Left's demonization of the Right.  That's how the demonic works, after all.      
Amidst the turmoil, the fighting, the knock-down fights, the acid thrown in people's eyes, the bats and the bricks all thrown by the Left, a young idiot from Ohio was in his car and driving away from the rally.  Unfortunately for him, the streets were crowded with the Left, who was tearing up cars and battering windshields.  

Suddenly, some Leftists started hitting his car with bats.  Naturally, the dull-witted lad freaked out, jumped the gun, and put the pedal to the metal.  Blood was shed, and the Left had finally gotten what they wanted: blood spilled by the Right which the Left could use to demonize them publicly.  
This is not the first time someone has run over and killed protesters blocking the road. In previous cases, the drivers were found not guilty of any wrongdoing. No doubt the video of masked antifas smashing the car with metal bars is going to go a long way towards exculpating the killer driver.
-Vox Day, Antifa = Alt-Left
Clearly provoked, Fields gunned the engines and ended up killing someone.

Provocation is what this has all been about since before Trump was elected.  The Left has been trying to provoke the Right into a trap since day one.  On August 12, Clinton friend and Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe patted himself on the back for the outcome, and took FULL political advantage of the situation.  

"I'll tell you this: You only made us stronger," McAuliffe said, referring to the white supremacists."You go home, you stay out of here, because we are a commonwealth that stays together."

Unexplained Curiosities

There are two questions I have after looking at the action on the ground.  

#1  I have heard some strange stories about that alleyway that Fields was driving down.  I've heard things such as peculiar people involved in the accident, cameramen who seemed completely calm and even seemingly stationed in place.  

So I must ask: Is it out of the realm of possibility that there have been agent provocateurs involved in this fiasco?  And who is this Brennan Gilmore I've heard about?  This Leftist activist also happens to have been a CIA spook who ran Special Ops to suppress central African uprisings...and he was right there in the alleyway filming the car crash of James Fields.  

#2  Next question: How in the hell did that helicopter come down, killing two cops?  What was that all about?  How was that even possible?  

I highly doubt that anyone was carrying shoulder rockets.  The crash happened at about 5pm, long after the rally was declared a state of emergency.  According to resident Robby E. Noll, the helicopter was in mid-air, was sputtering, and parts were coming off of it as it fell out of the sky.  What was that all about?  


The fix was in.  Already, in hindsight we have seen government collusion in this disaster.  Who knows how deeply this entire day was rigged?  There's simply no telling.  How people on the Right can continue to hold these fruitless and idiotic events without any kind of foreknowledge, preparation, or battle planning eludes me.  

The Left is vicious and immoral.  Is it truly that difficult to figure out?  How long will the Right remain naive?  More on that tomorrow.