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Followers of this blog might be aware of recent events that led to me shutting down The Hirsch Files for a week . Well, it seems that my pla...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Prophecy In The Bones? Part 1

From the Lost Book of Nostradamus
It is believed that modern man has unearthed the bones of St. Peter, our first pope.  But, for whatever reason, this breaking news--supposedly to have already happened in 1960--is being put in the spotlight again this September.  I do not know why.  

This is 50-year old news.  Or so we thought?

To add insult to possible injury, this rather flippant and skeptical news story from The Daily Beast reminds us of the idea that Peter's bones are supposed to be already buried directly underneath the Papal Throne in St. Peter's in Vatican City.  In fact, the article goes into detail about medieval relic forgery and trafficking, and that "the existence of multiple relic locations for Peter is an open secret in the Catholic Church."

Nevertheless, that's no reason for us not to have some fun with this topic, get into an ominous end-of-the-world mood, and speculate about our imminent doom.

The Official History of Finding Peter's Bones

Before this week's news story of Peter's bones, there was another official story about the discovery of the first pope's remains.

To keep it brief, in 1939, archaeologists discovered a tomb underneath St. Peter's.  It was a complex of pagan tombs.  But then, later in 1942, in that mausoleum, they found a tomb of a man who died in his sixties.

Vatican archaeologists held onto those bones for a while, until 1968, when Pope Paul VI officially stated that they were the bones of St. Peter.   Curiously enough, Pope Francis decided in 2013 to publicly display these bones.

Oh, and did you know that Nostradamus had a prophecy about St. Peter's tomb?


Let's have some fun, eh?  I started this week off discussing the Zodiac, after all.  Let's take a gander at Nostradamus tonight.  I'll jump in:
At the foundation of the new sect,The bones of the great Roman will be found,A sepulcher covered in marble will appear,Earthquake in April, buried evil.
This quatrain discusses how the bones of St. Peter will be found around the time of a foundation of a new sect.  Some kind of a marble sepulcher is covering these remains.  And there's either an earthquake or something "earth shattering" going on in April.  

As far as secret sects, it's not really a secret any longer that the Novus Ordo culture/phenomenon was incubated before Vatican II in the early parts of the 20th century.

Here is more:
The bones of the Triumvir will be found,Searching deep for an enigmatic treasure:The peace of those around this cavity of marbleand metallic lead will be disturbed.
Shortly after the discovery of the underground pagan mausoleum in 1939, workmen digging a new tomb for Pope Pius XI accidentally broke through the floor of the grotto under St. Peter’s Basilica into an ancient Roman necropolis.  The "peace of those around this cavity" was disturbed and the graves desecrated.
When the sepulcher of the great Roman is found,The day after a new Pontiff will be elected:Scarcely will the Conclave have approved the new Pope[His predecessor] poisoned, his blood in the sacred chalice.
Some believe that Pope Pius XI was murdered.  (They base this on the fact that his physician was Dr. Francesco Petacci, father of Mussolini's mistress.  It's a thread I'm not interested to explore at this juncture.)

His death took place February 10th, 1939.  The next pope was swiftly elected on March 2nd, 20 days later.
After the see has been held for seventeen years,It will change hands five times in a comparable period of time:Then one will be elected at the same time [as another],Who will not be too much in conformity with the Romans.
The late Pope Pius XI reigned for seventeen years.  After that, there were five popes: Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, and John Paul II.  Then, after these five fellows, we get the displeasure of the "Pope Benedict XVI / Pope Francis phenomenon."  

I'd definitely say that this latter pair has not been in conformity with Rome.  Wouldn't you?

From the Lost Book of Nostradamus:
A hand from Heaven prevents an assassin from killing the pope.
That soldier seems to be holding that sword sort of in the manner of a rifle.
Could this be a prophetic allusion to the failed assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II?

What Does The Future Hold, 
According To Nostradamus?

At this point, there's plenty of other quatrains.  But they no longer seem historical.  Instead, they seem to be about events that have yet to come.  The future.  I'll provide them below and let your mind wander. 

Bear in mind that these stanzas are likely not in any kind of a chronological order.  My source for this interesting read comes from here, and it should all be taken with a grain of salt.
The one whose face is sprinkled with bloodOf the victim recently sacrificed:Jupiter in Leo, foreseeing through an omen:[One] put to death then for the sake of the Bride.

All around the great city,Soldiers will be lodged throughout the fields and towns:Paris to launch the assault, Rome incited [to uprising],Then the Pontificate will be subjected to a great pillage.

Liberty will not be recovered,A black, proud, villainous, unjust man will occupy it [Rome],When the dispute over the papacy unfolds,In the manner of Hitler, [he will establish] a fascist republic of Venice.

By the Attic land, center of wisdom,Which is at present the rose of the world:Pontificate ruined, and its great preeminenceSubmerged, a shipwreck amidst the waves.

The rose upon the middle of the great world,For new deeds public bloodshed:Those who speak the truth will be silenced,Then, if need be, the awaited one will come late.

The blood of the Church people will be poured out,In as great abundance as water:And for a long time it will not be stanched,Woe, woe to the clergy, ruin and complaints.

As a consequence of the power of the three temporal Kings,The Holy See will be relocated to another place:Where the reality of the spirit endowed with a physical bodyWill be restored and recognized as the true See.

For the clergy there will be utter desolation from the warlords who will usurp power in Rome when they return from Malta and the Isles of Hyères.

It will seem that God has loosed Satan from his infernal prison to give birth to the great Dog and Doham, who will make such an abominable schism within the Church that the cardinals and bishops will find themselves blinded and impotent, not knowing what to make of it all, and they will be stripped of their power.  Then will commence a persecution of the Church the like of which has never been seen before.
The Conclusion Is...

...that there is no conclusion.  It's Nostradamus.  

Don't make the man an idol.  And don't consider him an authority.  He certainly hasn't earned it.  He is not "Saint Nostradamus," after all.  His vocation was divination, which is quite bad.

Sure, Yves Dupont mentioned him in his work Catholic Prophecy.  But he is simply not reliable.

His is a sensational voice.  And it belongs in a week like this, when the people are filled with a mania for such topics.  His brand fits in with the flavor of this month, really.  And that's the only credence I give him.  His sensational prophecies arose from his sensational hobby, and they are being featured on a sensational blog on a sensational week.

Have a sensational day!

In this picture is what appears to be a legitimate pope, dangling a sword above a lamb.
Next to this legitimate pope is a man who appears to aspire to be pope, but half his body is of a dragon.
I could hazard a few guesses at the meaning of this picture.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Blog Status Update 5pm 9/17/17

Followers of this blog might be aware of recent events that led to me shutting down The Hirsch Files for a week.

Well, it seems that my plans to syndicate my writing are not working out. Perhaps I'm not putting enough energy into it. Who knows?

That being said, since this time in 2017 is filled with possible spiritual significance, since a lot of the writing I put out there needs to be published in a timely fashion, and since people are eager for a timely and up-to-date analysis of the current events...I'm re-opening The Hirsch Files for now.

I sort of knew that I'd be doing this.  I think I'll be okay for a while.

At this juncture, when it comes to my blogging plans, nothing is written in stone. I'm doing my best to figure out a good course of action. I am still putting together an alternative blog. A new blog will provide me with another degree of separation. So I'm still aiming for that goal.

I appreciate the kind words, support, and registered readers of the past week. I suggest that fans of the blog continue to register with me, just in case something happens in the near-term.

For now, though, The Hirsch Files is open to everyone again. Enjoy!

Signs Upon Signs In The Heavens

I really was prepared to lay off further discussion of celestial matters.  However, it seems that tomorrow night, September 18th, there is to be a lunar occultation of Venus, Mars, Mercury, and the "king star," Regulus.

This all will take place in the constellation of Leo again.  As I've discussed previously, Leo is a constellation that implies kingship and royalty, and Leo is worn as a crown by Virgo.

A lunar occultation of Saturn
But first, what is a lunar occultation?  This is when the moon passes over a faraway object such as a planet or a star.

So, basically, tomorrow night--the week of the "Lady of Revelations" phenomenon, and at the fast approach of the 100-year anniversary of the Fatima warnings to mankind, we have this kind of conjuction of three meaningful bodies in the sky.

The Details

The planetary bodies involved in this event are all inner planets.  They move quickly through the Zodiac.

Now, Mercury is the messenger planet.  If there is any meaning behind Mercury, it is that Mercury is a communicator of some sort.  It also bears mentioning that Mercury actually made a transit across the sun on May 9th, 2016--just five days after a Fatima-styled miracle of the Sun at Ourem, Portugal.

The red planet of Mars is a planet of hostility, aggression, and war.  The meaning behind Mars is: action.  Assertiveness.  It is fiery in its symbolism.

A lunar occultation of Venus.
Venus is the morning star, and references to it can be found in Scripture and Christian writing.  It is the brightest star in the sky at dawn.  While through Hellenic influences, Venus has come to mean grace, passion, and love, the name "morning star" has also been attributed to Lucifer before his fall from Heaven.  In this way, Venus is sort of a mixed bag.

I have discussed the star Regulus before.  Regulus is the heart of the lion in the constellation Leo.  If there is a "king of the zodiac," then that would be Leo.  And if that king had a heart, Regulus would be Leo's heart.  Hence, the name "king star."  Regulus is one of the brightest stars in the sky.

2017 is a special year for Regulus.  Regulus has been involved in a lot of phenomenon this year, including The Great American Eclipse last month.
Every nine years, the Moon’s path aligns almost perfectly with the ecliptic, which is the apparent path that the Sun follows across the sky. The ecliptic can be traced through the zodiac constellations and Regulus, in the constellation of Leo the lion is the brightest star to sit very close to the ecliptic.
For the next year or so, the Moon will travel directly in front of Regulus each month as it makes its way around the sky.
The moon has been passing over Regulus every month this year.  

What does it all mean?

I couldn't tell you.  I'm a simple blogger.  I love astronomy.  But astrology is the step-mother of astronomy, and it's rather frowned upon--as it's usually transformed into a pseudo-religion by idolaters and the superstitious.  So my expertise in knowledge of heavenly bodies is limited.  

Lunar occultation of Mars.
If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that this lunar occultation is yet another herald of something big that is coming.  Whatever this message is, whatever event is about to transpire, it will be violent, aggressive, significant, and have the marks of an Authority.

The age that we are entering--perhaps even this very year--bear a special unique mark.  And frankly, I have never heard of a people trying so hard to ignore something like this.  The only occasions that comes to my mind when I consider such willful ignorance of a people is the disregard of Noah before the Flood, or the failure to find anyone worthy of saving at Sodom and Gomorrah.

I know I'm not alone in thinking that our time is up.    

Is the Zodiac Legitimate For Catholics?

The stars have a story to tell.
In my discussions about Virgo and the Lady of Revelations this summer, someone said that I was resorting to references of black magic.  This knee-jerk reaction to my posts about the constellation of Leo, Virgo, the eclipse, the woman of Revelations--all of that--it was amusing for me.

So, to recap, next Saturday, September 23rd, we will be literally witnessing the Lady of Revelations in the zodiac.  An astronomical phenomenon will take place which bears a huge resemblance to the events described in Revelation 12.

I talk about that in the link below:

The Woman of Revelations Begins At The End of The Year of Mercy

But I suppose that referring to the zodiac for any kind of a sign or confirmation causes the following Scriptural verses to come to mind:
Thou hast failed in the multitude or thy counsels: let now the astrologers stand and save thee, they that gazed at the stars, and counted the months, that from them they might tell the things that shall come to thee.  Behold they are as stubble, fire hath burnt them, they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flames: there are no coals wherewith they may be warmed, nor fire, that they may sit thereat.
Okay.  Can't argue with scriptures.  Although, in fairness to my fanciful points of view, perhaps this is more of a condemnation of the idolatry of those people in particular, and not a condemnation of the Zodiac as a whole.

From where I'm sitting, there's pros and cons to lending this Lady of Revelations phenomenon any credence.  I shall now explore them both.


There are quite a few places in Scriptures where astrologers are ridiculed.
Thus saith the Lord: Learn not according to the ways of the Gentiles: and be not afraid of the signs of heaven, which the heathens fear:  For the laws of the people are vain: for the works of the hand of the workman hath cut a tree out of the forest with an axe.
- Jeremiah 10:2-3
Ah.  Well, that's very cutting.  Here, the Lord is ridiculing Gentiles for being afraid of the signs of Heaven.  Of course, God is not denying that the signs are there.  He is merely making fun of their reaction to those signs.

And why not ridicule people who obsess over heavenly signs?  Time and again, the majority of people demonstrate their inability to take anything with a grain of salt.  Hardly any significant percentage of people understands the concept of subtlety or nuance.  Sure, there may be signs in the sky.  But if the simplest people acknowledge that fact, they'll take that inch and go a mile with it, creating an entire cult.

The Bible itself directly prohibits the old Semitic star-worship that other Middle Eastern cultures helped to foster.  Praying to the stars and planets was and is out of the question.  The idea of planets having an angel and a demon assigned to them is to enter a forbidden realm of demonology.

The old Semitic astrology was a science of divination--which basically boils down to Kabbalah magic.  What we see in such cults is a deterioration of astronomical study into a degenerate form of astrology.  These people ended up subordinating their very religion to the dictation of astrology, and with that came the dangers of pagan fatalism--as though their fates were written in the stars already.
For thus saith the Lord of hoses the God of Israel: Let not your prophets that are in the midst of you, and your diviners deceive you: and give no heed to your dreams which you dream: For they prophesy falsely to you in my name: and I have not sent them, saith the Lord.
- Jeremiah:29:8-9
The idea arose that the stars and planets could influence people.  Certainly, God says, the stars are there to leave an impression and to serve as a sign.  But to consider the stars as a direct influence in a life of fatalism is an idolatrous and degenerate form of Judaic astrology.  We are warned against it many times, and we should steer clear of such thinking.  

And God said: Let there be lights made in the firmament of heaven, to divide the day and the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years:-Genesis 1:14
The stars are not the source of what is to come.  However, that does not mean they are not the heralds of what is to come.

Indeed, Luke tells us that at the end of the world, there will be signs in the sun, moon, and the stars.  Certainly, we have seen all of this.  The statement of the apostle Luke comes alive with this year's Virgo "Lady of Revelations" conjunction, the unmistakably meaningful eclipse of last month, and the profound, amazing, supernatural, and historical phenomenon of the sun that occurred at Fatima, Tre Fontane, and Ourem.

We are definitely seeing signs of something in these heavenly bodies.

And why wouldn't we?  God, Himself, named the stars.  He put an order in the Heavens, and their words go forth unto the ends of the Earth to be heard by all men.

While worship and idolatry of the Zodiac is forbidden, that does not mean the Zodiac does not exist.  The Zodiac is clearly referred to in Scriptures.  Like all things that God has made, when taken out of context, it becomes a sin.  

There are churches out there that actually feature the zodiac in their decor.  Sometimes you can see pictures of the Zodiac on the floor or on stained glass windows.  Medieval Church doctors and saints gave a lot of thought to the Zodiac and the meaning behind it, including St. Albernus Magnus, the mentor of St. Thomas Aquinas.  And, in fact, the latter as well as St. Augustine discusses the influence of heavenly bodies--all while avoiding the trap of astrological, pagan fatalism.  The Zodiac even has a story, centered around the nature of Christ, the nature of the Church, and the Four Last Things.

And by the way, didn't the Magi find their way to Bethlehem by observing the skies and following a star?  Yeah...


I would actually point you to the Fisheaters website for a lot of references to the Zodiac in Catholic tradition.  Yes, of course, I have previously discussed my negative opinions about the Fisheaters forum.  However, the work put into the resource pages of the Fisheaters website is in-depth and fun read.

There has been a plethora of signs and heralds this year, all foretelling something very big that's about to happen.  Of course, the biggest heavenly sign comes from the Queen of Heaven, Mary, who has given the world numerous signs with miracles of the sun.  But these lesser lights also have had a story to tell for those with ears to hear it.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Entering Protectionist Mode

I'm locking up.
It is not safe to have a right-wing, traditionalist opinion in this day and age.

And yet, here we are.  I am still writing to you, and you are still reading this...and we're all guilty together of Badthink.

An old mentor of mine would always say of writers: "A writer writes because he must."  This is certainly true in my case.  And honestly, this may be the case for the rest of my life.  Whether it's in the form of philosophy, political commentary, or simple escapism fantasy literature--I just have to keep going.  It's almost as though I have no choice.

The Protectionist

Now, as many of you know, my name is not Laramie Hirsch.  "Laramie" is a town in Wyoming, and the name is French, meaning a canopy of leafy boughs.  I am not French, nor have I yet been to Wyoming.

"Hirsch" is Jewish.  I am certainly not Jewish.  When I chose the name "Hirsch" twenty years ago, I had no idea it was Jewish.  So it's kinda funny to me when anklebiters try to "out" me as a Jewish infiltrator.

I don't post pictures of myself, and I've never done any videos.  I'd like to do podcasts, but I will never subject my own voice to the public.

This is a hobby, and I have other responsibilities in my life that take precedence over the writing.  There are people--little ones--who are under my care and protection, and I would rather burn the world down* than see them come to any harm.

If I have to give up this entire blogging enterprise in order to secure the welfare of my posterity, then I will do just that.  My family is my priority, and that's all there is to it.

What's Going On?

Within the past week, elements of my blogging life meshed unfavorably with elements of my real life.  As a result, it is possible that my writings may be on the radar of potentially harmful parties.  I say "potentially."  Perhaps there is no danger.

Be that as it may, I am now being forced to jumpstart a new iteration of my blogging "career."

This makes me somewhat sad.  By the end of this year, The Hirsch Files will have reached a quarter million total views.  My monthly views were increasing exponentially.  I started 2017 off with about 12,000 views a month, but by December, if all went well, I was set to have 40,000 views per month.

My writing has become more and more popular since I began The Hirsch Files.  I wish Dad were alive to see his son's achievements.

In any event, the time has come to start a new blog, probably with a new title.  Granted, this is not a maneuver that will provide complete security for me.  But in my opinion, the security will be enough.

The Short-Term Plan

I have a LOT of writing archived at The Hirsch Files, and I know a lot of you would like access to it.  So, for now, the blog is shut down to everyone except those who are registered to view it.

To register yourself, simply send me your e-mail address.  You can privately message me through Facebook or e-mail at nobious1 at gmail dot com.  You will receive an invitation in your own e-mail inbox.  Check your junk or spam box if you don't see the invitation right away.  Accept the invitation.  After that, you should once more be able to use your e-mail address to log in and view the blog and all of its archives.

I am hoping that by next week some time, I will have a new website to work from.

There is a possibility that I will TEMPORARILY re-open The Hirsch Files until I have a new website in place.

Long-Term Plan?

I have been doing this blogging venture on a day-to-day basis, and I've had no long-term plan in mind.  Well...I take that back.  I do intend to publish some of the material in a book soon, should the world hold together.

It is quite possible that one day--should conditions in my real life change--I may permanently unlock The Hirsch Files again.

But this is the state of things for me.  In the long run, for the next 18-26 years, I must function in this style of  protectionism.  I have to do this unless I magically begin to make a living off of writing.  (Which I cannot honestly envision.)

This has been interesting.  Thank you all for your concern and interest in my work.  This is a fork in the road.  I'm curious how this will all go.

-Laramie Hirsch

*a phrase used recently by Vox Day

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Oklahoma's DACA Bishops Want To Sell Out Oklahomans

The entitled, the aggrieved.
Surprise, surprise. Virtue-signaling from our local Catholic leadership, who might I add shall soon be directly responsible for how liturgy is to be regarded, courtesy of FrancisChurch. This time, the virtue-signaling comes in the form of our Oklahoma bishops' praise for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

Oklahoma Bishops Urge Congress to Leave DACA In Place

As Bannon said to Charlie Rose recently, the bishops cannot come to grips with the Church's problems, so they need illegal aliens to fill the church pews. The bishops have an economic interest in the unlimited illegal immigration of first-generation Catholics (whose illegal progeny will eventually give up the Faith for Freemasonic Protestantism and atheism).  Not to mention the kickbacks that the American Catholic Church gets for fostering the illegal immigrant culture, ultimately serving as an extension for the Democrat Party.

In any event, Oklahoma's bishops just love those DACA immigrants.

For your reference, at the bottom of this post is a copy in its entirety of an address to Oklahoma Catholics about support for Obama's expiring DACA executive order. It is signed by Oklahoma's Archbishop Coakley and Bishop Konderla. 

Laramie's Response to Oklahoma's Bishops  

I would like to now take an opportunity to respond to their illogical approbation for illegal immigration:

"Based on reports that the White House will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in six months, we urge President Trump and Members of Congress, specifically the Oklahoma delegation, to pursue legislation that strengthens the program or provides legal status for youth hoping for a brighter future."

I would urge that Donald Trump allow DACA to expire, as it was another unethical Obama executive order. It increases the financial burden of states, compelling them to spend state tax dollars on non-citizens. DACA deviates from from Congress' lawful immigration statutes, and its existence makes the president a writer of laws, rather than an executive.
President Obama violated the Guarantee Clause of the Constitution. Federal officials should not be telling states how to spend their tax dollars. Those children were to have been deported. The president, as usual, neglected the immigration laws of this country.
"At the heart of Catholic Social Teaching is the moral obligation to protect the life and dignity of every human being, particularly the most vulnerable, which includes our youth. These young people who are benefiting from DACA were brought to the United States by their parents whose desire was to provide their children with hope, opportunity and safety."
We live in a Freemasonic Republic that was founded by Hebraic Puritains. This is not a Catholic Monarchy. It is up to individuals to help the poor and vulnerable. It is not up to careerist clergy to agitate the government and the public mind to tax us to support these foreigners. They are not American. This is theft. The clergy are twisting Catholic Social Teaching.

It makes sense that the U.S. bishops have this opinion on this issue. The American Catholic Church has misdirected laity for decades. In fact, the entire Catholic history of the United States is a veritable cornucopia of missed opportunities for evangelization. Why should we expect any less now? 

But most of all, these DACA youth are not "our youth."  These people are not our posterity.  They are the children of foreigners.  Would that you would care so much for our own children.
"Catholic Bishops in the United States have long supported DACA, and they will continue to support it. While DACA provides no legal status or path to citizenship, it does provide recipients with a temporary reprieve from deportation and employment authorization for legal work opportunities in the United States. An estimated 800,000 young people in the United States have benefitted from the DACA program."
"Temporary reprieve." Getting their fix. Short-term happy feelings trump long-term moral consequences. Heaven forbid those legal work opportunities remain available for the underemployed Americans who actually live here.

Yes, I am MOST CERTAIN that 800k young people--non-Americans--have DEFINITELY benefited from the DACA program.  That fact is atrocious.  If it were not for these 800k non-American young people, actual young American teens would have been able to obtain employment. Almost one million jobs have been snagged from our nation's teens.
"Through our parishes and through Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City and the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma, we have had the privilege of meeting and working with these outstanding individuals, who are very much a part of who we are as an Oklahoma community. They are contributors to our economy, veterans of our military, academic standouts in our universities, seminarians, and leaders in our parishes."
It's now a privilege to meet and work with illegal immigrants. What an honor! I highly doubt that if I snuck into another country with my family, my new hosts would consider meeting me to be a privilege. Though, I'm certain we'd be regarded as parasites. It's likely we'd be either deported, imprisoned, or shot.

And again, the bishops' concern here is for the contributions of foreigners. It is as though they care not a wit about American posterity. So many things in America are crumbling--including the Church. The public mind is diseased. And their answer is to shower acclamation upon people who are not American.
"Legislation that ensures these young people can continue to work, study and be protected from deportation is important to the stability of our communities."
Legislation should be enacted that ensures that illegal immigrants are deported. The integrity of America's sovereignty is put into jeopardy with reckless executive actions such as this.  DACA stabilizes a Latin-American invasion community, and it scandalizes and destabilizes legitimate communities of United States citizens.
"However, a decision to end this program, without a legislative fix such as the DREAM Act, would turn our nation’s back on immigrant youth who are seeking to reach the fullness of their God-given potential and to fulfill the promise of gratefully giving back to the only country most have ever known. Such a decision would place DACA youth at risk of deportation from the United States."
A decision to end this program and deport these people will turn our nation's back to outside interests, while American interests are put front and center.  We are not talking about mere immigrant youths.  We are talking about illegal immigrant youths who do not belong here and must go back to the home from which their parents sent them.  Just like when 6-year old Elian Gonzalez was sent back to Cuba in 2000.  

There, these DACA youths can reach the fullness of their God-given potential in their own countries and strengthen their own communities, perhaps raising their own nations out of poverty and lessening the push to invade America.  They should come to know their own native soil and enrich their own native soil.  

Once gone, America will have a little more breathing room to deal with its own domestic issues, of which there are many.
"The administration has an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate, both now and to future generations, our nation’s spirit of generosity and compassion. We hope and pray President Trump and Congress can transcend the partisan rancor to strengthen the DACA program or provide legal status for thousands of Oklahoma youth, and hundreds of thousands of young people in our nation."
The Trump administration has an extraordinary opportunity to expose the almost $500 million in kickbacks that the USCCB receives for courting the illegal immigrant issue.  It is clear to me how you bishops see a need for that government cash.  American Catholic laity are disappearing, and your collection baskets are getting lighter.  And frankly, a lot of people don't trust FrancisChurch with their money any longer.      

I hope and pray that you bishops can transcend your left-wing Democrat tendencies, stop thinking about your government cash-ins, and regard the Americans who live here with the same love that the soon-to-be-beatified Fr. Stanley Rother regarded his beloved Tzutuhil Indians in their own native parish, there in Guatemala.  After all, Fr. Rother did not try to import immigrants to "improve" the Tzutuhil community.  Nor did the good missionary attempt to export his Tzutuhil parishioners out of Guatemala to save their lives.  He met them right there in their own place, respecting their community, and of course, died for it.

Would that you would respect and love your own community half as much.  

Oklahoma Bishops' Official Statement About Keeping DACA

Oklahoma bishops urge Congress to leave DACA in place
Congress Should Move to Protect Immigrant Youth
September 4, 2017
OKLAHOMA CITY—Based on reports that the White House will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in six months, we urge President Trump and Members of Congress, specifically the Oklahoma delegation, to pursue legislation that strengthens the program or provides legal status for youth hoping for a brighter future.
At the heart of Catholic Social Teaching is the moral obligation to protect the life and dignity of every human being, particularly the most vulnerable, which includes our youth. These young people who are benefitting from DACA were brought to the United States by their parents whose desire was to provide their children with hope, opportunity and safety.

Catholic Bishops in the United States have long supported DACA, and they will continue to support it. While DACA provides no legal status or path to citizenship, it does provide recipients with a temporary reprieve from deportation and employment authorization for legal work opportunities in the United States. An estimated 800,000 young people in the United States have benefitted from the DACA program.
Through our parishes and through Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City and the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma, we have had the privilege of meeting and working with these outstanding individuals, who are very much a part of who we are as an Oklahoma community. They are contributors to our economy, veterans of our military, academic standouts in our universities, seminarians, and leaders in our parishes.
Legislation that ensures these young people can continue to work, study and be protected from deportation is important to the stability of our communities.
However, a decision to end this program, without a legislative fix such as the DREAM Act, would turn our nation’s back on immigrant youth who are seeking to reach the fullness of their God-given potential and to fulfill the promise of gratefully giving back to the only country most have ever known. Such a decision would place DACA youth at risk of deportation from the United States.
The administration has an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate, both now and to future generations, our nation’s spirit of generosity and compassion. We hope and pray President Trump and Congress can transcend the partisan rancor to strengthen the DACA program or provide legal status for thousands of Oklahoma youth, and hundreds of thousands of young people in our nation.
Most Reverend Paul S. Coakley
Archbishop of Oklahoma City
Most Reverend David A. Konderla
Bishop of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Civil War's Heckler's Vote: Pet Causes and Riled Mobs

In the run-up to the Civil War, the Leftist Northern oligarchy had their selfish motives to gin up Northern anger against the South. After all, the South was already supplying Britain and France with cotton for their mills.  And this European influence threatened to fracture a union of the States that the oligarchical government powers in New England desperately wanted to control.

So the question remained: What hot-button issue could spur on the wholesale ruination of their Southern competitors? What moral stance could they take in order to effect some sort of national change?

In our day, hot-button issues range from abortion rights, to sodomy, to environmentalism. But in the mid-1800s, the North had one surefire issue that would justify their aggression for all time: slavery.
"For Southerners, it appeared that the moment had come to depart, indeed. The Federal government was in the hands of men who, as they believed, were determined to destroy the South; not merely by the abolition of slavery (preferably through a bloody race war), but economically, by using the Federal power to raise tariffs so high as to make foreign imported goods (upon which the cotton economy was dependent) simply impossible to buy. Behind this, of course, there was the perceived destruction of the Constitution. It was indeed maintained by Southerners that slavery was not the cause for the break, but merely the occasion."
-Charles Coulombe, Puritan's Empire
Just as today's accusations of bigotry, racism, and white supremacy are the white-hot insults hurled at the Right, so too was the rage-fueling arguments of abolition. Anti-slavery would be the tool used by the Leftist North to hammer without restraint against the South.

All pretense of civility would vanish, and acts of violence done in the name of abolition would be justified.

John Brown, Fanatic, Loses His Mind In Delusions Of Grandeur

One such example was the Pottawatomie Creek Massacre, a case in which John Brown, his sons, and friends attacked two pro-slavery families. They murdered five men and boys, mutilating their bodies. After that, Brown would go on a lecture circuit, winning over abolitionist fans along the way. 

Encouraged by this growing fan base, Brown decided to gather twenty one followers and raid an arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia. Fully prepared to commit mass murder, Brown took hostages and killed some whites and a freed black. The slaves Brown "freed" would not even leave their masters.

Brown was losing his mind and all sense of reality during the siege.  His sons Watson and Oliver were dying and in pain.  Thomas Fleming recounts the incident in his book, A Disease in the Public Mind:
"Oliver asked his father to kill him to end his agony.  'You'll get over it,' Brown snarled.  When Oliver's cries continued, Brown snapped: 'If you must die, die like a man.'  When the boy's sobs and moans finally ceased, Brown called, 'Oliver!'  There was no answer.  'I guess he's dead,' Brown said, without a trace of emotion in his voice."  
As his sons died, Brown was making speeches to justify his treasonous attack on a federal arsenal, that he was originally peacable, and that he was driven to become violent by proslavery individuals.

 The ordeal at Harper's Ferry was a 36-hour hostage situation.

After the manic-depressive John Brown was caught, he was tried for treason and hanged. Yet, Northern leftists adored him, much as today's leftists adore the Weather Underground, Antifa, or Black Lives Matter. Brown was seen as a martyr, and poets and song-writers eulogized him in the same vein as Che Guevara.

Unionist Oligarchs Fostered Hateful Culture Against Southerners

The New Englanders were all-too-happy to pile on rhetoric, spin, and agitation against the South.  The Jeffersonian anti-Federalist South was not a blood-thirsty mill of abuse.  Everyone--even the Southerners--recognized that something had to be done about slavery.  Yet, the North did its best to demonize the South to the utmost extent:
"Moreover, with the publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin in 1851, a steady stream of anti-Southern propaganda poured out of Northern presses. Emerson, Longfellow, Lowell, Whittier, and many others of New England's literati poured forth abuse on the South."
-Charles Coulombe, Puritan's Empire
This style of permitted chaos attracted the rabid activism of not just the abolitionists, but also Whigs, Free Soilers, anti-Southern Democrats, and Know-Nothings. It was a veritable conglomeration of the most toxic groups of the day. In our own era, we see these kinds of alliances among the Left every time there is a right-wing rally of any kind.

There would be no compromise.  No reasoning.  No measured dialogue.  Either you were to be like the radical Northern Abolitionists, or you should die.  There was no in-between:

"Though distant to the hour, yet come it must--Oh hasten it, in mercy, righteous heaven!When Afric's sons, uprising from the dust,Shall stand erect--their galling fetters riven...
Wo, if it comes with storm, and blood, and fireWhen midnight darkness veils the earth and sky!
Wo to the innocent babe--the guilty sire--Stranger and citizen alike shall die!Red-handed Slaughter his revenge shall feed, And havoc yell his ominous death-cry.
-William Lloyd Garrison
We can see this kind of incendiary media today.  Liberal media glibly "debates" if it's okay to punch a Nazi.  Antifa supporters are cheered as heroes for beating white men who pose no threat to them.  Neo-Cons like McCain cheer the latter group as freedom fighters.

This has all been done before.  Before the Civil War, oligarchs and their radicals chose Abolition as their pet issue to utilize against the South.  Today?  The oligarchs of the Left have chosen to prop up the fictional idea that everyone on the Right is a white supremacist and neo-Nazi.  It's utterly insane, but it's happening, nevertheless.

The Left is engaged in a religious war.  Even though the Right does not want to fight it, war is still interested in them.  The question that remains is this: will the Right learn from history and prevent their own destruction?  Or will they be defeated in the same way that the Confederacy was defeated? 

If history is our guide, then it is safe to say that the Right are the underdogs in this fight.

Fracturing the Fatima Movement

Matthew Hoffman's book review is called: New Book Raises Doubts About Fatima Conspiracy Theories.
"Symonds examines many other purported discrepancies in the same way, sifting through the jumble of amorphous factoids and conjecture with a judicious and careful analysis that brings more light and cools the heat of conspiracy mongering."
"It would be rather curious for the popes to go to such lengths to cover up an interpretation of a text that they then urge the public to adopt. Yes, the third secret can be seen as a commentary on the Church’s internal crisis, and we don’t need conspiracy theories to justify such an interpretation. Symonds’ new work may finally help to finally bury such theories, and to restore confidence in the vital message of Our Lady of Fatima."
Ah. "Conspiracy mongering." As if people don't conspire. A distinctly American concept. Europeans and the rest of the world know different.  After all, it is not difficult for one person to secretly meet with another person and plan something.  

Actually, it is wildly even more unbelievable to go through this life thinking that every authority in this modernist age is 100 percent honest with you.  It astounds me how the gullible always give modernist leadership the benefit of the doubt time and again, only to find themselves stabbed in the back endlessly.  

As I said in my article For Those Who Disregard Prophecy, when I see willful blindness to the astonishingly evil things going on in our society--and the complete disdain for real warnings from God--I can easily see how even people who call themselves Catholics will one day happily and ignorantly submit themselves to the Beast, all for the privilege of engaging in social commerce and having credibility.

Do you people honestly think that things have always been this way, that God is not angry with this generation, and that life will go on without any kind of frightening Act of Justice?  

This glib dismissal of prophecy is just the start of an attempt to fracture the Fatima movement.  

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Civil War's Heckler's Veto: Oligarchs and The Naive Right

Before the outbreak of war--that War of Northern Aggression that you probably learned hardly a thing about in public school--conditions resembled the state of things that we see now.

The oligarchs back then, just as now, were a dominant force.  But before the Civil War, the oligarchs were neither Internet megacorporations, liberal-controlled media complexes such as Hollywood, nor were they Monsanto-controlled globalist population-control tentacle monsters.  In those days, the powerful oligarchs were industrialists and bankers.

The industrialists and bankers were powerful forces who controlled the North.  There would be much profit to be had from a civil war that decimated the South.  For the Yankee oligarchs, a civil war would decimate their competitors in the South.  Southerners were competitors who were on the verge of forming alliances and trade deals internationally with various European powers.

The South also happened to be traditional, Christian, and to the Right of the Yankees in the North.  The North, therefore, was to the Left of the traditional and classic people in the South.  The Leftist Northerners wanted to "progress forward," morality be damned.  So, then as now, it was a battle between powers of the Left versus the powers of the Right.

Right-wing Southerners thought that surely there was no real threat from the leftists in the North.  As Charles Coulombe writes in Puritan's Empire:
"Some believed that the Constitution simply did not permit the Federal government to intervene militarily--after all, the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution forbade the Federal government to do anything not expressly permitted it in the rest of the Constitution.  Nowhere did they see a proviso permitting armed force against secession.  They feared that such action would not merely bring back the South unwillingly, but enslave the Northern states as well."
Just as we see how today the Right is shocked and caught off guard that leftist governors and mayors utilize the police against them, so too was the Right of that era caught off guard by the nerve of the Union to utilize illegal force against them.

After all, many states--who considered themselves independent countries--would not even unite themselves to the United States without the assurance that "were the Constitution to be voided and the welfare of the people to demand it, that sovereignty returned to the States."  Those Southern states felt justified by the Declaration of Independence itself.

Unfortunately, oligarchs--and the angry mobs they manipulate--are completely cold and indifferent to previous agreements, loyalty, and morality.  In the words of George W. Bush, the Constitution is just "a goddamned piece of paper."

While it may be true that the right-wing southerners were "Southern Aristocrats with their code of honor, the British ancestry, and their nostalgia for Sir Walter Scott," the oligarchs didn't give a quantum damn.  The bottom line was what mattered, not borders, language, or culture.

As a result, Leftist mobs were encouraged and allowed to wreck their havoc upon the right-wing citizenry.

Should the Left in that day manage to finally provoke the Right, it would be a guaranteed win for the Left.
"The North had the preponderance of the country's industry, and ready cash and bullion.  A closely knit railroad net made transport of men and material very easy.  Possession of the Federal government's posts, army, and navy were certainly a distinct advantage.  Should either Presidents Buchanan or Lincoln elect to move against the South, they would surely have the upper hand."  
The War of Northern Agression was a completely staged setup.  The Leftist oligarchs had nothing to fear.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Left Now Actively Attacks Right-Wing Internet

The time has come. Prepare yourselves.

The forces of the Left have begun to dox, ban, scrub, defame, and purge the people on the Right. The Left is now doing what it can to drive the Right from all social spaces. The Right is not only prevented from public rallies, but  now also the Right is being pushed off the internet.

It is this internet crackdown that I am addressing today.

The Left's Institutions Will Now Go After You

I have argued on this blog that the Right needs to toughen up and win social spaces from the Left on the internet. (Arguing for this is partly why I got banned from FE and SD by timid moderates.) But the lack of resolve and attention on the part of the Right has emboldened the Left. They see that the Right is unaware of their hostility and hate, so they're going in for the kill.

Shortly before the Charlottesville false flag setup by the Left, the hot topic was Google's firing of James Damore. This man was fired from his job because he was not a Leftist like a majority of his vocal, screeching co-workers. Damore was:
"simply trying to fix the [company] culture in many ways. And really help a lot of people who are currently marginalized at Google by pointing out these huge biases that we have in this monolithic culture where anyone with a dissenting view can't even express themselves."

He dared to bring up his (arguably, only slightly right-wing) viewpoints in a memo in his company. The result was the same as hitting a beehive with a stick. Google was stirred up.

If anything, you should have learned by now that Leftist Social Justice Warriors always double down. And now? Google is icing out the badthink.  This shows that Google is an SJW-converged organization.

Immediately in the wake of the Charlottesville fiasco, Leftist-influenced megacorporations began to purge and disown a whole slew of websites of various groups and writers who they disagreed with. Some of these were white nationalist websites who (on paper) have just as much freedom of speech as the Leftists who call for more dead cops. Other purged writers, though, have been less controversial such as Professor Salil Mehta, who had his e-mail, blog, and other accounts "disappeared" by Google for daring not to be a complete Leftist.

The Left Is Now Trying To Purge The Religious Right

As many Traditionalist Catholics know, the SPLC has been smearing The Remnant. The SPLC actually alleges that this 50-year old Traditionalist Catholic newspaper is a hate group.

More recently, an outfit named Pro-Publica that pretends it's an independent "investigative newsroom" has come to the Remnant to bait the editors, provoking any kind of legal misstep that it can in order to find a weak point to attack the organization. In reality, Pro-Publica is not a news organization at all, but a Ctrl-Left facade that's "propped up by foundation money without which it could never survive."

Rest assured, The Remnant has a legal team on the ground and dealing with this.

In other news, Ann Barnhardt's website was attacked last week.  Just as hackers have been going after right-wing websites, so too have they been going after religious websites such as hers.  Her colleague got barnhardt.biz back up and running, but who knows for how long they will be able to keep things going before the next attack.  

And in non-Catholic, Protestant news, D. James Kennedy Ministries has actually decided to sue the SPLC for defamation, religious discrimination, and trafficking in falsehoods.  Apparently the SPLC has also labeled this particular ministry as a hate group for daring to use "all available media, so that Jesus Christ would be known throughout all of the Earth and that everywhere He might be trusted, loved, and served."

What This Means For You Catholics

If you are a modernist Catholic who attends the Novus Ordo and don't care about Traditionalism, this is all just a fart in the wind, and everything should be fine.  You'll go to the store, buy things, pay your taxes, go to the movies, read the daily paper, and so on.  And as the world continues to turn darker and darker, you might ask yourself why things are getting more and more distasteful.  But then you will go back to your average life, not questioning the official narrative, and life will go on.

If you are a Traditionalist Catholic who has been recognizing that the Church has become a Leftist den, that many of your priests are pro-communist and into sodomy, and that your pope (or possible anti-pope) is selling you out...well, you got problems.  The usual channels you've been getting your news and communications from are going to start to go away or change form, I imagine. 

I have talked often about how the Right is continuously pushed out of the social spaces.  Now, we will be disowned by more internet hosting sites.  Same goes for Traditional Catholics.  Since we pursue Jesus Christ and strive to preserve the Church He left us, we will be purged from these social spaces that once argued for "free speech."  

If you are a Traditionalist Catholic--or anyone on the Right--with a personal website, then all this means that you have to start making your backups now.  Backup e-mail addresses, backup blogs, password safety, fortified web security, and so on.  

You also now need to familiarize yourself with "safe" web hosting, safe e-mail sites, safe video sites that will not demonetize you or deplatform you, and things like that.  


Try here:

Or here:

If you are not a blogger, but you need to know what is going on with your favorite writers and producers, you would also be wise to avail yourself of what is going on.

The Right in general and the Traditional Catholic circles in particular need to harden themselves against attacks and deplatforming.  Have your backup plans now and tell your readership/viewership where to alternatively go for your work.  

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The "Heckler's Veto" Series

Included below are links to articles that comprise The "Heckler's Veto" Series.

This series goes BEYOND what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, 2017.  You can look forward to future posts on the nature of how the "heckler's veto" is utilized in American politics, and we will also observe how the "heckler's vote" has been utilized throughout America's historical past.

Charlottesville, Virginia, August 2017

Heckler's Veto in Charlottesville, Part 1

Heckler's Veto in Charlottesville, Part 2

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Conclusions About The Heckler's Veto In Charlottesvillle

Last week I was covering the events in the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, VA.  The entire fiasco that occurred on that fateful day was complicated, and it is only one week later that information has come out about the facts on the ground, what happened, who was controlling who, and so on.

In fact, I do not doubt that even more facts about Charlottesville will come out in the future.  But exploring those facts and the issues is beyond the scope of what I do with this blog.

A Quick Review

Heckler's Veto in Charlottesville, Part 1

On Monday the media was VERY excited by a riot and a death that involved the Right, and they were quick to label everyone there white supremacists.  I ended up having to discuss the difference between white supremacists and white nationalists, and that as a whole, whites have a right to some grievances.  I stated that the Alt-Right is neither of those, although there were some white nationalists and white supremacists present at the Unite the Right rally.

By Tuesday, smoke had dissipated and we could tell that most of the violence was coming out of the Left.  While the Right brought shields and helmets, the Left brought bats, bricks, and bottles filled with acid.  The Left has never had any moral issues with violence, neither here nor in any other country.

By Wednesday it was clear that we were dealing with more than just the Right and the Left at a botched rally.  What happened was anything but organic.  The police were there to herd the rightwingers into a kill box, shoving them into the waiting arms of the violent Antifa thugs.  The state police were serving as the Left's willing and armed foot soldiers.  It also was becoming apparent that the young fool who ran over the Leftist protesters was cajoled and provoked to try to run from them when various people were hitting his car with bats.  

Thursday we took a cursory glance at the men on the Right who set up the rally.  Various fools who showed up in Nazi regalia and with neo-Nazi propaganda served the Left's cause and damaging the brand of the Right.  At best, the neo-Nazis showed themselves unserious about any political gains, and at worst they revealed a possible infiltration of provocateurs by other parties.  Jason Kessler, organizer of the event, was outed as a fake who had a past of recent pro-Obama and pro-Leftist sympathies.  Richard Spencer was also outed as either: #1 a completely inept leader who co-opted the Alt-Right brand, or #2 an infiltrator of the Alt-Right movement, similar to the government infiltration of other right-wing groups of the past few decades.  The Right was completely duped, and the entire situation reeked of an infiltrated setup.  

Friday, at the end of the week, we finally took a good hard look at the Left's actors in this disaster.  Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the "Alt-Left" were outed as violent thugs with no remorse or moral compunction about attacking the Right.  It seems that various leftists present at the rally could have been bought-and-paid-for actors and provocateurs of Crowds on Demand.  Further, it even seems possible that the Left may have placed certain agents in key places, such as Brennan Gilmore, who was conveniently in the right place at the right time to film the car slaughter and be the first on the scene with a narration of the account.  There was also a mystery man in the car of James Fields (the kid who ran over people).  RINO Republipukes, Governor Terry McAuliffe, and Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy were shown to have an interest in the demonization of the Right.  

Overall, the entire scene at Emancipation Park looked to be an orchestrated theater that would supply the Left with a narrative they could use to demonize the Right with.  

The Big Picture

The Alt-Right has been successfully demonized as being "white supremacist."  This is not true, of course.  The Alt-Right is not white supremacist.  Nor is it even white nationalist.  Charlottesville propaganda and the willing compliance of many right-wing figures who gave their ground have worked to poison the Alt-Right brand for now.

While it could be definitely said presently that white nationalism is killing the Alt-Right, I would still not count the Alt-Right out.  That being said, the number of right-wing people abandoning the idea of being Alt-Right is staggering.  Mike Cernovich and Milo were the first ones to jump ship.  But we also have Ramzpaul, Laura Southern and Gavin McInnes denouncing the Alt-Right as well.  Many people unprepared to deal with holding any ground are distancing themselves from being categorized as Alt-Right people.  None of these people desire to be lumped in with a movement that is perceived in any way as being racist whatsoever.  Being labeled "racist" remains the kryptonite for many on the Right.

This moment of destroying the Alt-Right brand appears to have fatally damaged Trump in the eyes of the media.  Charlottesville is serving as a jumping off point in a broader move by the Establishment to oust Trump.  Shortly after Charlottesville, when Steve Bannon was terminated by President Trump, Mike Cernovich came out on his podcast and gave us the inside scoop that many within the Republican Party are counting votes to impeach the president.  So, first they try to weaken Trump's base, and then they will go after the throat with a full Establishment coup.   

The state of this republic is, of course, nothing near resembling a democracy or even a democratic republic.  This entire mosaic of deception reeks of a power-hungry oligarchy that hates you, me, and every other American who will never read this post.  


Alex Jones is right to claim that Charlottesville is a false flag operation.  False flags occur many times in the United States.  The Establishment thrives on deceiving large portions of the American populace.    

Many people will be able to put two and two together on what happened in Charlottesville.  However, that being said, not everyone will come to the same conclusions.  For example, some people in the Black Lives Matter movement believe that Trump is still some sort of a Russian operative put here to divide the nation and create a civil war with his fiery personality.  I have no doubt that narrative will live on long after the Trump presidency is over, simply due to the complete blindfold that most people wear.  

If there is a Civil War, it will once again be Leftists with their seemingly self-righteous pet social stances versus the Right Wing who never wanted a war in the first place.  Before, the Left was able to co-opt the idea of Abolition as their main cause, and with that righteous banner, they could destroy the Constitution and devastate the South.  But this time, as Barnhardt recently has said, there will be no Mason-Dixon line, as each major metropolis will be its own gruesome theater.  

When that time comes, and this life of comfort you presently enjoy is gone, remember Charlottesville and the countless times the Left has set us up, juggled the facts, and rigged the crime scene against us.  They have divided this country with the assistance of our indifferent oligarchical overlords, as well as with the financial backing of international NGO actors.     

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse In the Month of Leo: Afterword

How was it, folks?  Did y'all like the show?  Did it seem underwhelming after all the hype?  Or were you positively transported?

I was impressed.  In Tulsa, we saw 90% of the eclipse, which means that basically the temperature plummeted ten degrees, and everything grew rather dim.  I was amazed at how the sun appeared.  Even after 9/10ths of it was covered up, it still was able to illuminate things significantly.  This means that if the sun loses 90% of its strength, the world can still be lit up adequately.  It's almost as if the sun's power is overkill.  But, on the other hand, I'm not God, and I didn't design this system.  He knew what He was doing.

Apparently God didn't see fit to let a lot of Flyover Country clearly view this "hallmark signature of doom" unobscured, as the middle of the nation was covered over with clouds, blocking a clear view of the eclipse.

Cloudy skies was sort of what happened on August 12th during the Perseid Meteor Shower, which I covered earlier this month.  During those nights, the city of Tulsa was overcast, and in fact, there was a fog lingering over the city.  If there was some sort of Heaven-sent message in the skies that night, it wasn't important enough for Tulsans.

But, you know, astronomy usually is underwhelming.  An eclipse is an eclipse, and a meteor shower is a meteor shower.  They are nothing new, and for decades this world has been fed a diet of high-fructose-corn-syrup special effects, courtesy of Hollywood.  So, there's that.  The one and only magnanimous and amazing vision the skies could thrill the world with at this point (in my opinion) would be the explosion of Betelgeuse.  Now THAT would be extra-ordinary.  But even then, the vision of a second sun in the sky would grow mundane after three days.

I mean...were you honestly expecting spontaneous earthquakes and volcanoes?

What Did Not Happen Today

What didn't happen today is that Nibiru never showed up.  We were given plain and obvious evidence that there is no Nibiru object in our skies.  Not a single naked eye--to my knowledge--had discerned any kind of a foreign cosmic body this afternoon.  Although, we did get to see the International Space Station cross the sun, which was awesome.

The International Space Station during the eclipse.
During the totality of the eclipse, the stars had come out during the afternoon, and we had our opportunity to look between the legs of Virgo to see if there was some sort of a red body in the sky that Nibiru fanatics consider to be the Red Dragon of Revelations.

Guess what?  I saw nothing.  I specifically looked for a red cosmic body.  And, if you scan the YouTubes, you'll also notice that the only thing people caught on camera--which they thought was Nibiru--was merely lens flares from pointing their cameras straight at the sun.

The only tangential and obscure anomalies I've found during this day's eclipse event was a possible UFO sighting in Washington State.  And frankly, I could care less about UFO sightings.  The entire topic of UFOs is "a boy who cried wolf."  I'm worn out on the "intrigue" surrounding UFOs, and I don't think they have any bearing on anything nationally.

So, can we finally put the Nibiru myth to rest?  Can we finally lump it in with the Y2K phenomenon, or the 2012 scare?  While NASA has definitely speculated about a possible gas giant in the Kupier Belt, I do not think there will be anything as wonderfully significant about it as, say, Leak Project would like to make it out to be.

So, How Should We Digest Today's Event?

I nevertheless think that there is a lot of symbolic significance with the astronomical events that took place.  And one of the best ways to employ the meaning of today's spectacle can be read at The Counter-Revolution:
The black sun rises on a divided world.
Many groups descended on Charlottesville, Virginia in an attempt to "unite the right". What came of it was nothing but further division, provocation of violence by a supposedly "peaceful" faction, and many left scandalized.

Violence, confusion, division and fear on the right lead to a solidifying of the left. Many who attended the rally found themselves targeted and fired. Leaders of white nationalist factions disavowed each other. Organizer Jason Kessler suffered from a mental breakdown and went on a Twitter rampage, and Christopher Cantwell prepares to be hit with charges.

A sharp divide has struck America between those who seek to erase the traditional identity of America, and those who intend to preserve it. One side sees identity as universal, international, and fluid, while another sees "blood and soil" as the determination of value.
The correlation of this eclipse and the kick-start of what appears to be the beginning of serious and deadly civil strife in the United States cannot be ignored.  Just as the shadow of the moon slashed its way across the country, so too is the nation divided culturally.  What happened in our skies today is a perfect metaphor for this new era of pain and division that our country is entering.

As stated in the above article, a nation not built on the Logos will, of course, be as disordered as our nation is.  Do our citizens have the ability to unite under a Kingship of Christ?   Or are the United States populated by a people who cannot be instructed?

Shall we look at today's eclipse as a warning?  Or an omen of impending punishment?

In my opinion, one thing is for certain.  When in the distant future people look back to this era when Americans started tearing down their statues, destroying their history, and perhaps even destroying each other--if they are in any way poetic historians, perhaps they will look back to this time when the eclipse came and divided the nation itself, shortly before the Americans started to divide themselves from each other.  

* I just discovered this excellent post by Marianna Bartold that also discusses the events of both this eclipse and the upcoming Woman of Revelations phenomenon on September 23rd.  Linked here for your convenience:


Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Great American Eclipse in the Heart of the Lion

The constellation Leo
I'd like to share a few fun last-minute facts about tomorrow's eclipse.  

This will be the first time, here in St. Michael's Lent of 2017, that the constellation of Leo will have significant astronomical bearing.  That is if, indeed, God is using the stars as His signs for something huge coming our way.  

Three weeks before the 100th anniversary of Fatima's warning, as we have discussed, the constellation of Virgo--the Virgin--will wear a crown of 12 stars.  Three of those "stars" will be Mercury, Venus, and Mars.  But the other nine stars will be the major stars of the constellation Leo.

In other words, the crown (Leo) that the woman (Virgo) will wear is the symbol of a lion.  And what is a lion, if not a symbol of kings?  So, on that day (September 23rd), the glory of a king's authority shall adorn a virgin's head as Virgo gives birth to Jupiter, god of the planets, after 9.5 months--the normal gestation period of a well-developed baby.    

I have already written about the possible Woman of Revelations phenomenon at THIS LINK.  

Leo Is Involved In The Eclipse

Leo will not only be involved in the "Woman of Revelations" phenomenon.  There will be another celestial event that Leo is involved in.  That time will be tomorrow, on Monday, August 21st.  

Regulus is the heart of the Lion in the constellation Leo.
You see, the constellation of Leo actually has a heart.  The heart of Leo is a star called Regulus.  It is one of the brightest stars in the sky.  Regulus is known as the "king star."  It lies in the heart of the lion that is the constellation Leo.  

Now, something interesting is going to happen to Leo tomorrow.  What we shall see is that the sun will go over the "king star."  And then, at around 1pm mountain time, the moon shall cover the sun during the total eclipse.  

A perfect conjunction over the lion's heart.
So, basically, what we are about to witness is a complete conjunction between the sun, the moon, and Regulus--the heart of the lion.  

If God is poetic, this will be no ordinary eclipse.  It will carry great meaning, should anyone bother to look for it.  Though, in today's jaded and cynical age, usually anything that stems from nature is ignored wholesale, and the flourishes and flirts of the Creator are blown off, even by believers.  

Conclusions and Guesses

On Monday, August 21st, the heart of a king will be darkened.  And the shadow of his hidden heart will cut across the Land of the Masons.  It will be as if the tip of a spear is drawing a line in the sand and dividing The Realm That Abhors Kingdoms.  The warmth and light of the nurturing sun, and the light of the watchful heart of a king will be hidden from us, as the nation is divided in two.  

What a perfect metaphor God is giving us for this insane nation.  We are divided and on the brink of civil war.  The light of God is hidden from us.  The wisdom and guidance of leadership--of a king and a decent pope--is kept from us.  Society is consequently spiraling out of control.  If I didn't know any better, it is almost as if God is telling us in this eclipse that He will withdraw and leave us to our own madness.  

We know from Scriptures that God has a use for optics and theatrics.  Why doubt that now?